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Elizabeth is a professional Speaker, Multiple #1 international bestselling author, Expert Storyteller and Leadership Coach, and Visibility Specialist.

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Five Secrets to Effective Storytelling

Grow your brand, Generate more Leads, and Be Unforgettable

Fiercely Unstoppable Entrepreneur

Lead with Purpose, Overcome Challenges, and Take Control of Your Destiny


Be Inspired, Find True Purpose, and Live a Miraculous Life


Visionary Leadership that Attach the Very Best People to Your Team

Be Fiercely Unstoppable in Life

Lead with Purpose and Leave a Legacy

Great Storytelling is a secret weapon

Using the power of storytelling in your business or ministry is one of the best ways to make connection, so consider ways you might peel back the curtain to show people the authentic you, where you come from, and what you care about. The more you show the authentic you the more likely you are to make a heartfelt connection. Why do you think God had the Bible written in stories?

Beauty Rising from Brokenness; Journey through Childhood Trauma to Chronic Illness into Healing

Everyone faces challenges in life, some more than others. We live in a fast-past, ever-changing world and we must learn to adapt and overcome to not only survive but thrive. We always have the choice to overcome adversity, be it childhood abuse or trauma, like Elizabeth, work, family, or health-related issues, use them to help you grow in Christ. Then use that testimony as an opportunity to encourage others.

Warrior Rising from Ashes: Journey from Life Shattering to Triumph

Even though we can’t choose the adversities that come against us, we can choose how we let them affect us. We choose to let them make us better or bitter. We can choose to heal, then allow these obstacles to teach us, help us grow, and use them to help others overcome.

Happy Wife Happy Life

Elizabeth and Arnold speak on marriage and the “old “adage of Happy Wife Happy Life. This talk disputes that “old” adage on marriage and conveys how both husband and wife can be truly happy. It covers all aspects of marriage and the ups and downs of life by using examples from their own 37-year marriage.

Be Relentless, Never Quit

because your breakthrough is right around the corner.

Learn from a professional speaker & Multiple International Best-selling author

Become an Expert Storyteller

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”
-Seth Godin