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Do you want to know what goes into being a SUCCESSFUL SPEAKER? Are you an entrepreneur or coach who wants to expand your reach authentically and quickly?? – Learn what goes into establishing yourself as a Professional Speaker!


Finding your Niche, Finding your uniqueness/voice, Gaining speaking skills, Marketing, how to Find Gigs, Branding, Legal Necessities, Do I need Headshots, Action shots, what about Video, Website, how do I market myself and so much more!

How do you figure out what you need? Where do you start? How not to spend a fortune getting started? There is something for speakers of all levels in this one-of-a-kind Mastermind.

This is a overview of what you need and where to start. You will receive a Speaker Tool Kit Checklist to help you know what you need and stay on track at NO COST!

Additionally – This Mastermind is designed to help you understand what you need as an aspiring or emerging speaker It’s a place to start. If you are comfortable compiling this information by yourself with the provided checkout, AWESOME!! If, on the other hand, you need more training I will be offering a Speaker Success Coaching Program to guide you as you get established. There is no obligation to spend any money or join the coaching program, it’s entirely up to you. I just want you to know what is needed to establish yourself as a successful speaker and I would love to help you put your best forward and take off like the Superstar you are! Full transparency.

Mastermind will last one hour, but will I will be on 15 minutes early and stay after for a casual discussion and to answer your questions. If you have to go at the end of the one-hour mark you won’t offend anyone if you have to leave while we are still chatting.

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Looking forward to seeing you!!

Be Abundantly Blessed!